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Shandong vheal Group Co., Ltd.

Factory Tel: 0534-2111110

Fax: 0534-2117666

International Trade Department Tel: 0532-55713710

Fax: 0532-55713713


Factory Address: Leling Shandong Province north of Kaiyuan Avenue West

Company culture

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Enterprise purpose: to do China's most trusted quality tire companies create world famous tire brand


The spirit of enterprise: the pursuit of excellence in learning innovative work

Quality aim: quality-oriented continuous improvement and constant innovation excellence

Service Mission: try to understand customer needs, strict quality control process to ensure product quality standards, quality tracking and timely, prompt handling customer objections.

Management philosophy: unity inclusive and open cooperation to improve the management to create effective

Business philosophy: the same boat and development of Freemasonry brilliant

Values: the pursuit of value is the starting point of our work to create value is our life, realize the value that we adhere to the pursuit of the value of the obligation is the dedication of our long-lasting


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