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Tire replacement signal three strategies to teach you to identify

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Tire replacement signal three strategies to teach you to identify

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Owners can rely on their own observation and touch, to judge whether the tires need to be replaced reaches the level.

1. The tread wear indicator close loss

Any brand of tire tread grooves are provided at the bottom in a wear mark. General car tire wear indicator height of 1.6 mm (the height of the tire is the statutory minimum groove depth), the height of truck tire wear marks on the 2.4 mm.

Some owners believe that as long as the tires did not break, even if the tread quickly polished still continue to use such tires is actually very dangerous: when encounter slippery roads, the tread of the tire can not be completely discharged water below easily lead to loss of vehicle control.

2. The tire cracks or drum kits and other damage

In the course of daily car, the tires or foreign matter will be tied to, or accidentally hit the curb, which can lead to tire damage. The tire tread damage including cracks, tread drum kits, lack of tread rubber, sidewall badly worn tires repeatedly been tied to foreign matter and the like. In particular drum kit, tire might explode at any time. Just found these tire damage occurs, the owner must go to a professional tire shop as soon as possible to check the car's tires replaced.

3. Tire years maturity

Even ordinary car owners how gentle, how good the road, how to place the tire maintenance, tires use a long time, it will also gradually aging. The useful life of the tire is usually around 5 years, more than the life of the tire will begin to age. Tire aging is mainly surface hardening, followed by crack turtle. Aging tires lose their elasticity, continue to use the words will lead to tread distortion, there is a risk of puncture.

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